Monday, November 3, 2008

Riding the flow

It’s been a month, preoccupied? I’m occupied I know, I’m on the track or I’m just as lost as micheal buble’s song. Some events are attained and some are not, project targets and progress from old ones to newly proposed I’ve managed, I’m up to the task and head over heels. Recent life change, am I hoping to be somewhere? I’m riding the flow I guess but Godspeed to anything or everything. Last month was moment of lost and found. God have mercy upon human souls and show the light to whom may need and I will still pray for them, how preciously miss but never forgotten I will pray for them.

Still far from end I know my project is going somewhere. Amends and omits, proposed and on hold I’m there to attain it. Exhausted, tired and bored I felt the blow but days past I was catching a new light and it enlighten me. Survival of the fittest! I must be fit. I’m looking for newly fresh ideas and perspectives.
Bah! I’m still looking……………

My cousin is having fun with musical studies I’m glad for him, personally I think he has improved lots, far from what I expected yet there’s still room for improvement to be the best. As everybody would say; practice, practice and practice.

Crap! My writing is going else where but here…

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kotobian Tadau Raya

Wishing all people around the world not only to muslims a happy raya, as for Malaysians enjoy the holidays. Remember to drive safely and travel safe till destination. Not much to say just;
“tunudon ku ohopod tunturu ku moki ampun kuma dikoyu nung haro kasalaan yoku om kotobian tadau raya kuma dikoyu.” Bah ngam laitu.

P/s- I see glitters of light in every human’s heart for it is a festive to come not just for the excitement but for the apologies and forgiveness as we shall seek as well as give. Ye whom speak of pain will put an end as we will embrace the hearts of the broken mend and laughter till dusk we shall see.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not yet!

Dare to try or die trying? I’m stuck with my work and usually it means we’re at the end of year. Time flies, I was just remembering back on the struggle and sacrifices we had made for the soft opening of 1borneo. True time flies, as casualties are not to be forgotten in making it possible. I suffered myself but I managed by the skin of my teeth yet we all did. Now with just few more dead lines to go the battle seems far from ending. I must not burn out, not yet!

Designing, drafting, monitoring, supervising, managing I have done till now still I’m not sure of position I’m in (I don’t want to take myself as liability to the design hahaha budu!). I must admit I have the tendencies of not completing things I ventured but I hope I’ll get things done (I must). Come to think about it I just remembered that I haven’t check on the as built design. Closing this project could be the hardest thing in the overall tasks that I have been given not to mention liaison between giant companies. Have strength I should remind myself and often! Honestly I’ve burned out long time ago but there’s no running away, there’s no turning back, I just have to do it (cause there’s no one wanted to do it) this could be my stepping stone regardless of my lack of discipline in all things (all things!) I’m not giving up, not yet!

Remembering the opportunity or the courage to take this task is something similar to a dare devil’s move but I hope I will not die trying. There is something fishy but I’m up to it. Plus something funny happen and I just can’t wait for the outcome it shivers me timber.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday dementia

Evening rose in a blink as I sat quietly pampered in my lovely couch going through every channel in subscription. Sunday has its way to leap me to dementia; I thought of philosophy and should cry into ‘eureka’ as food was always on my mind ‘these’ days. I surf the net looking for traditional ‘Kimarangang’ clothes and just to be frustrated as I not know the looks of it. I’m lost in world of modernity still my heart is more harmonious thinking of the old days of Tandek. Realizing changes, I found out Tandek is not the one I know back then. People change some of them left Tandek in search of new opportunities and some people changed to vile as news of murder saddens the community there. Tandek! What have we forsaken thee? And I’ll give my moment of silent in respect of the victim’s family God bless.
Still I’m looking for kimaragang traditional costume. The original looks & design as it was told from my grandmother to my mom. I wanted to see the crafts back in the pre-british era. What the kimaragang have offered to the world of fashion. I have few photos I got from the internet
Above: I don’t know if this is the real kimaragang costume but the photogrpher (mewot) claimed this picture is a choir group from kota marudu.

Left: If I’m not mistaken this are dancers from Kg. Tingkalalon, Dancing on pinakang music. I was there but didn’t take any picture. (thanks my
Below: This is the same dancers from Tandek with different Kimaragang costume, dancing the momiluk (warior dance kalau nda silap la)

Bottom: Kimaragang from Pitas district.

Race Relation Act

This is the latest bill form the home affair ministry, as far I know it is yet to discuss in the parliament. Though the Sarawak government thinks that they don’t need them (the bill), as they claimed that sarawakians are living harmoniously between races. How far the need of such act is still remains doubtful. I know the British has established their ‘race relation act’ to prevent discrimination of ground race. Malaysia now is in the middle of political swing and few of the political figurines had made comments that burst racial tension. How bad is it? With all the detentions & released of people under ISA , racial comments, I believed the federal government is trying to stabilized situations. They have to put a stop to it, asking people (these politicians) to stop ‘politicking’ and carry on with policies to the needs of people. Somehow I do feel bit frustrated with politician, at some point they have to stop talking about election (esp. the recent march 08). Moving on regardless of the terrible outcome of the ruling party would be better that to start quarreling (against each other lagi tu, but I think it’s the up coming UMNO election ba ni).

Our trouble is yet to come. The economy is gloomy, we’ve seen the likes of Europe and U.S. are struggling to keep its economy from falling too deep and the effects to us are just around the corner. Currently we are living by the skin of our teeth, coping with inflation and raised cost of living, yet these politicians have time to talk about racial stuff, power transition, ISA etc. It is either they don’t know how to deal with the economic situation and trying to divert our attention to lesser important issue yet sensation or they just didn’t see the storm is coming. Maybe it is all there in the budget 2009, fiscal policies should be enough to absorb much of the economic depression and monetary policy of overnight policy rates at 3.5%, BLR at 6.75% and etc. I do know that any form of savings would end up in a paradox of thrift which brings down the aggregate demand, believe me you are not going to enjoy the amount of money you have last year compared to the latest inflation (today). We are getting poorer by the day and putting your money in a form of high liquid would be just liquefying as its value depreciates (sad but true) yet what can we do with little amount of cash? I know I can’t even afford a ‘sulap’ maybe I should buy lots of steel with all my cash and hope the commodity would raise in few years time, just enough to get through the economic down fall. Stock markets are pretty crazy it is so mad that clowns are filling up job application to become traders.

Anyway the home ministry is doing his job (the minister was recently condemned by his comments) and if I’m not mistaken the drafts will be send to the unity, culture, art and heritage ministry. The two ministries are working together in this matter and the unity, culture, arts and heritage ministry would be playing an important role in the area of race relations as provided for under the act.

"The Home Ministry will provide the input in enforcement efforts to ensure safety and national security,"

"We need to get feedback from the public as ultimately, they will be the practitioners. This piece of law is for the people."

"Under this act, action can be taken against those who disrupt harmony by causing racial tension and conflicts that can also destabilise the country,"

These are all syed hamid speech cuts I pasted, he sounded like a police in my opinion hehehe but I must say he impressed me (courtesy of Daily Express)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For god and our country we raise our heads pt.2

The Sabah Progressive Party two lawmakers in Parliament decided to exit BN and will slightly reduce the National Front coalition's majority at a time when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is trying to seize power.
(I was wondering the rest of the MP whom Anwar claimed will shift to PR will play hide & seek for awhile?)

Kota Marudu: Democratic Action Party (DAP) Kota Marudu will be forming People's Service Headquarters (MPR) in each voting district in Matunggong to enable smooth registration of the poor and disabled who need assistance.
(Good start but matunggong is only small part of kota marudu, will they continue on tandek, bandau etc. or is it just because matunggong is the poorest among all mukim listed in kota marudu? then again matunggong parlimentry expand to kudat district, since pitas is among poorest listed in the state of sabah shouldn't they have a look at it.)

Kota Kinabalu: Umno Malaysia Secretary Datuk Rahman Dahlan said the detention of the journalist, Tan Hoon Cheng, under the Internal Security Act (ISA) was not right and can affect the image of the Government. He said the excuse by Home Minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar that the detention was for the safety of Tan only invited confusion.
(Home minister famous clause "everybody is subjected to the law")

This is a few cuts from our local newspaper. Interesting as I found myself intriguing over few headlines and yet politics is something to keep me laughing. BN vs. PR they will never stop. Though it’s a good thing for both since BN lost 2/3 majority. The government has no other choice than to implement policies (esp. the latest budget) accordingly and safeguard its promise. For the opposition, they have the advantage of voicing out fiercely for every governmental flaw. I hope we’ll get the most benefits out of this, if the people aren’t satisfied then the situation will be chaotic again and it will never stop. It is just like the cobweb model in the demand and supply equilibrium theory, in time the fluctuation of price against quantity will meet at a point where it will be stable (a plateau) providing the elasticity of both demand & supply meets certain requirements or otherwise the fluctuation will be massive and leads to its own destruction. So we’re going to a process of oscillation in political arena that affected the government, but putting it in a bright side, our voice will be the best remedy for both worlds if they refuse to hear it then the collective bargaining fails whereas it leads to government failure. So come on lads and voice out what’s no your head.

Then again in collective bargaining it must be on the best interest of the society (collectively la gaman, amu obuli maki onu yg gila-gila)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysia Day

Happy Malaysia Day everyone today in 1963 North Borneo join the federation of malaysia, so enjoy the freedom but remember we are subjected to the law. hahaha

I'm still waiting for the new government to form, is it true or not? history in the making maybe who knows. Anyhow there's still less flag flying around (nobody seem to care anymore as different view in celebrating the independence day) almost non.

I almost forgot that, tonight (on the 15th to be precise) I was on my way back to my house when I was stopped by 2 teenagers. As it was raining heavily they asked me if I could sent them to their house. So being a friendly neighbour I offered my assistance. Few blocks away, 2nd junction and there we go home sweet home. They thank me as i smiled and drove back to my sweet home. Good neighbour is hard to find or come in handy nowadays but setting good example to future generation is something you called priceless. Just trying to make a better living for us all yet good things just don't happen over night but tonight it happened. Hahahaha

p/s - the girl looks cute though...might get the chance to meet her again?